Banks and credit unions represent a high percentage of our core customers. This once very stable industry is undergoing tremendous change capitalizing on new technology to reduce costs and offer customers new business channels that offer convenience and functionality. “Branch Transformation” projects are on the agenda for most financial institutions, and they result in new architectural designs tethered to new technology platforms. Benchmark specializes in helping financial institutions transition to their end state technology platforms with a variety of configuration, logistics and onsite services to simplify these sometimes complex initiatives. Whether you have a need for staffing, facilities or experience, Benchmark services will deliver results.



Benchmark can provide guidance, procurement, installation and support across the retail and Point-of-Sale (POS) environment. Whether the roll out is 50 or 500, we can devise a plan that provides the least impact to the business and operations allowing for a seamless transition or implementation. Of course, not all retail maintenance needs are alike, which is why Benchmark designs its depot POS repair programs to meet and exceed the specific needs of each merchant.  We have numerous depot repair options/solutions with onsite repair for critical units, keeping your business as well as your budget operating at peak.



Benchmark understands that in hospitality your customer’s experience, comfort and satisfaction come first. Given this tenet, we strive to provide design, installation and support services that are transparent to the quality customer experience that is so important to your business. With over 30 years of project management experience, you can be assured that our plans and processes are woven around the comfort of your valued customers to ensure your continued success.