Life Cycle Management Services


Often projects are comprised of products sourced from different manufacturers. Benchmark’s procurement services include sourcing products from multiple sources while negotiating the best possible rates on behalf of the customer. As part of the service, Benchmark manages lead time to ensure all products arrive on time to meet installation schedules. The customer benefits from managing a single vendor and single invoice for all project equipment. Benchmark represents top tier options, leverages its aggregate volume discounts which benefit the customer and provides the convenience of shipping all equipment to its own warehouse facilities.

Inventory Management

Knowing how much inventory you have in stock is important, whether it be new equipment to be deployed or equipment recently uninstalled. Benchmark systems track customer owned assets by manufacturer and model and by quantity or serial number. Media with sensitive data can be stored in higher security areas. Keeping your project assets under one roof simplifies logistics and reporting.




Workstation imaging is best performed prior to being shipped onsite to save valuable time during critical installations. Regardless of the device being a server, desktop, laptop or tablet, Benchmark has technology to perform high volume imaging using various images for different workstation functions while also managing new versions. Imaging may require post image tasks, such as encrypting drives, setting software parameters or joining workstations to domains. These services are available as part of our imaging service.

Computer memory installation. Man's hand installs memory in the computer.Configuration

Configuration services include adding components to your laptops, desktops or servers. These components might include memory, drives, video adapters, network interfaces or additional ports. Whether adding components, customizing software, configuring racks, building servers or proprietary systems, Benchmark has the skills to ensure quality at an exceptional value.





Benchmark always strives to ensure a high standard when it comes to attention to detail.  When your equipment arrives onsite, it will be correctly configured and accompanied with all the required peripherals, proper labels, any custom cables, consumables, tools, supplies, installation instructions or special customer inserts. Boxes are externally labeled to simplify identification and tracking and packaged to make installations more efficient. Every kit is customized, and we make it easy.


Nothing happens until your technology gets to the right place at the right time. Benchmark uses a network of transportation carriers to best meet the needs of a project. There is no single solution always used. Often our logistics solutions are a hybrid using the most qualified carriers and types of transportation to meet equipment delivery or pick-up requirements. The overall solution is managed by Benchmark to ensure complete and on-time delivery of customer assets.


We sweat the small stuff. Installations can be performed during business hours or after business hours, and you can always be assured our service professionals are courteous, attentive and competent. With national access to technicians that are all vetted by Benchmark before being selected for a project, we assure the quality of our staff. Once a Statement of Work is developed, we prepare a detailed Description of Work used as a training document for our technicians. When installations are coupled with our procurement, configuration and logistics services, Benchmark provides end-to-end project capabilities wrapped by our project management experts and unique project management dashboard, ProTrac to provide real-time installation progress and status information.

Our installation capabilities are comprehensive and include the following technologies:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Peripherals
  • Storage Systems
  • Network Equipment
  • Cash recyclers and dispensers
  • Customized equipment
  • Kiosks


When projects include the uninstall of legacy equipment, we provide a variety of services that encompass these requirements. Our logistics include packaging of displaced equipment, capturing models and serial numbers prior to site departure, providing packaging and timely removal of equipment from the customer site. The equipment can be returned to the customer site or to our service center where it is received, inspected, sorted and recorded into inventory, so a Displaced Assets Report can be provided to the customer. The equipment then can be evaluated and targeted for any of the services below:

  • Recycling
  • Remarketing
  • Refurbishing
  • Redeployment

Secure Data Destruction

Awareness of sensitive data handling continues to grow in importance. Not only does data exist on workstations or server hard drives and portable media, but also it can also be found on laser printers and multi-function devices. Benchmark has developed a comprehensive chain-of-custody process, as well as the most thorough media destruction and documentation process available in the industry. Onsite mechanical shredders reduce the number of data media touchpoints and risks in the chain-of-custody process.